A FILM PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY established since 1980 with offices in Montreal, Quebec, Holia Film creates and produces both fiction and documentaries in film and video for local and international markets, while representing the interests of a select roster of artists. Among other films, Holia Film created, directed and produced the original ‘How It’s Made’ / ‘Comment c’est fait’ series (36 films x 4 min - 1982 to 1999) and the series ‘A Touch of Genius’ (1991), two television productions distributed and broadcast in Canada as well as in approximately 30 countries worldwide across our 5 continents.

Holia Film provided directing and original concept services from 1999 to 2013 for the new series ‘How It’s Made’® / ‘Comment c’est fait’MD which is broadcast in approximately 180 countries around the world.

® Registered trademark of the new series owned by Discovery Communications